When the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand received a call about a macaque who was in need of help, volunteers immediately set out to help. When they arrived at the location, they found Mam, an adult long-tailed macaque, who had been chained in a backyard for 10 years. Her former keeper passed away, meaning she now had a chance at freedom. As the Wildlife Friends Foundation prepared to bring her to their rescue site, one volunteer snapped these striking portraits of the macaque as she realizes her new-found freedom.

The organization believes it is likely she was snatched from her mother not too long after her birth and sold as a pet. 

 Primates are highly intelligent and social animals, not unlike humans. Sadly, due to habitat destruction and the illegal wildlife trade, they often end up captured and sold on the black market.

Mam watched eagerly as rescuers worked to free her from her chain. 

When her chain was finally cut, Mam reached up and helped remove the collar that had restrained her for a decade.



Safe in the care of Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand, Mam will never have to fear being tied in one place again! Once she is cleared from a period of quarantine, she will get to join a group of other rescued macaques. After being alone for so long, Mam will finally get to learn what it means to be a monkey!

All image source: Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand/Facebook