It is impossible to see a baby in need and not instinctively want to step in and help. Whether the baby is ours or someone else’s – or maybe even a small animal, we all have a nurturing side that kicks in when we spot an infant. Well, it turns out that this sense is not exclusive to humans but can be readily observed in animals too! After all, it is basic instinct to want to help any child thrive so it figures that we aren’t the only ones who feel this.

Regardless of how common this experience may be, we never get tired of seeing stories of animals stepping in to mother others in need. Just take Maggie the rescued pup, for example.


On Imgur, Maggie’s pet parent, ramblemouse, explains that they rescued Maggie when she was a small puppy. The poor pup had been taken from her mother and dumped in a plastic bag then thrown in a ditch. The trauma and experience caused Maggie to need a lot of medical care and attention. She’s since recovered but has maintained her need of constant love and cuddles.


One day, ramblemouse found two newborn kittens and a mama cat in their backyard and noticed that although the mother was feeding the kittens, she wasn’t cleaning them properly and one of the little ones was developing an infection. In an effort to help, they brought the kittens inside, named them Polly and Molly, and bathed them.

Once they little cats were clean, ramblemouse let Maggie inspect the fluffballs, writing, “her [Maggie] mommy instincts kicked in. She started cleaning both kittens. Maggie has never had pups of her own, we spayed her before her first heat. This, and given the short time she had with her own mother, made us marvel at the power of her instincts.”


Molly quickly became very attached to her new dog mama and anytime she heard Maggie nearby she would sit up and cry for attention. 

Maggie is more than happy to answer the kitten’s calls. 

She is the only one who can stop the kitten’s mewing. 

Maggie might not be the kitten’s real mom, but she has certainly stepped up to play the part! 


This beautiful story just proves that love knows no bounds. Thanks to Maggie’s help, these kittens now have a fighting chance at life and can grow up to be strong, healthy cats.

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All image source: ramblemouse/Imgur