You certainly won’t have any trouble getting these insanely cute bats, who were posted on the Batzilla the Bat facebook page, to eat their vegetables, especially when it comes to corn. These bats are going “bat-crazy” for corn on the cob and it’s absolutely adorable! Look at how they scramble to get over to that sweet, juicy cob.

According to flying fox carer Denise Wade, although corn is not something bats would have access to in the wild, it is similar in texture to their native fruits and of course, the sweetness is a huge perk. Apparently, they always head for the corn first before any other foods that are offered!


Denise Wade is the volunteer flying fox coordinator at the Bat Conservation and Rescue QLD in Brisbane, Australia and has cared for up to 60 bats at one time, including orphans and injured bats. Denise is also dedicated to creating awareness around the misunderstood animals through her “wildly” popular Facebook page Batzilla the Bat. Her mission is to change public perception of flying foxes and help protect them from being killed. With over 250,000 likes and growing, she is definitely doing a great service for these beautiful creatures.

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