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When temperatures reached a stifling 111 degrees Fahrenheit (44 degrees Celsius) in New South Wales, Australia, over 100 baby bats were tragically orphaned due to the loss of an entire colony. Bats don’t do well with extreme heat as they are largely susceptible to heatstroke, causing them to perish from their perches or even in mid-air.

This is where the kind people of the Bat Conservation and Rescue Society stepped in. Rescuing the surviving babies, who’d so sadly lost their mothers, the volunteers took the little survivors to various clinics for rehabilitation and care until they’re old enough to be released back into the wild. It’s vitally important, especially for bats, that their rescue be left up to qualified wildlife professionals. If you see a bat in danger, alert the proper people in an effort to aid the animal safely and efficiently. Please, do not attempt to rescue them alone.

Once brought to safety, the little darlings need to be swaddled, stroked, and bottle-fed just like human babies. Young bats require around-the-clock care, which can be a herculean task for just one baby, let alone over 100. This also means that laundry, food, and housing costs as well as man-power needs are high to ensure the required level of care is met.

If you’d like to help the Australian Bat Clinic, where these infant superstars are currently residing, you can contribute here. In the meantime, let’s all watch the part again where one of the babies was sucking on a bottle nipple just like a pacifier while cuddled up in their cozy blanket for a little nap time.

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