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With this Halloween season afoot, the bat has become ubiquitous. Images of bats are hung in windows and the story of Dracula is pulled out and told to spook little kids (and some adults!). But, despite all of the attention to given to bats this time of year, the real bats of the world are still largely overlooked.

Most people think bats are terrifying creatures or even regard them as pests, but what they don’t know is that bats are incredibly important to our ecosystem. Bats are pollinators and help our food to grow. They also manage populations of insects, like mosquitos.

The Bat World Sanctuary is an organization that not only recognizes the importance of bats, but has made it their mission to protect this incredible species. This video features one of the sanctuary’s newest rescues, Lil’ Drac. Watching this little bat being fed and learning to hang upside down and rock himself is wildly adorable. And to think, some people would think this little guy is scary!