We are always shocked and appalled by humans who have the audacity to abandon an animal to fend for themselves. When the animals are abandoned in hazardous areas, it is even more shocking.  Sadly, this is what happened to two loving canine best friends, Boots and Babs.

Left to survive on their own in a dangerous industrial area for over a year, these two dogs became regular faces to the people who worked there. Thankfully, these people eventually called the good guys at Hope for Paws rescue who were quick to come to the aid of these abandoned pups.


The doggies’ elated smiling faces and speeding wagging tails proved how happy and grateful they were to be treated with love and kindness. It is as if their instincts told them their rough life on the streets were over.

This sweet best friend duo is available for adoption through Doggie Bonez rescue. If you cannot adopt, but would like to donate or get involved in other ways, please visit the Hope for Paws website.