Benny, the dog in the video, was once unhappy and unloved, but no longer! He’s happy, he knows it, and he claps his paws to show it! Well, actually… maybe he’s protesting the halt in belly rubs. We all know that stopping belly rubs is some pretty serious business, but the way Benny puts his paws in the air is just too cute.

It’s amazing how quickly we connect with our dogs after adoption. Even the most unhappy of dogs come to life through the smallest acts of kindness. We don’t know Benny’s full story here, but there’s no denying that he’ settled right into his forever home. Now, he’s at ease with demanding that his human pet him.

For cats and dogs, adoption is life-saving, but adopting a four-legged companion takes commitment. If you’re looking to open up your home to a shelter pet like Benny, you can learn more about how best to go about it here.