There are many reasons why animals may lose a limb. Injuries caused by frost bite, vehicular and motor accidents, or untreated infections can all lead to permanent damage, and sometimes ultimately amputation.  If the injured animal is lucky, these unfortunate circumstances are addressed by caring animal rights teams like Animal Warriors India (AWI).

When six-year-old Bijli, which means electricity in Hindi, the horse arrived at AWI’s shelter, they recognized something was very wrong with her front left leg. After closer examination, it was determined she would require an amputation and a prosthetic limb. Thankfully for Bijli, Krishnalimb, a prosthetic, was invented by Tapesh Mathur. Designed specifically for large animals who are disabled, Krishnalimb was just what the doctor ordered for young Bijli.


As the above video shows, Bijli is expressively grateful for her new leap on life, and she has adapted seamlessly to her new leg. Without the care of AWI and the expertise of the kind people behind Krishnalimb, there is no telling what may have happened to Bijli. If you are grateful for AWI and want to learn more about becoming involved in their work, check out their Facebook page.