It’s amazing to experience the range of emotions that you go through while watching animal rescue videos. A recent video posted by Animal Aid Unlimited will certainly have your heart running up and down.

The Animal Aid team had received a call about a poor little puppy who had been hit by a train. As a result, one of his legs was completely severed and only attached by a thin piece of skin.


The rescuers found the puppy hiding in a hole, scared to death, and in excruciating pain. Regardless of his grave situation, the cutie pie managed to wag his little tail. The rescuers carefully lifted the baby, who they named Spirit, out of the hole and transported him to the Animal Aid vet for immediate surgery.

Spirit had his leg amputated but after just two weeks, he was on the move! Running, jumping, playing – his disability didn’t slow him down one bit! His caretakers couldn’t have picked a better name for this beautiful puppy, his spirit was never broken and now, it is shining brighter than ever.

You can help Animal Aid save more innocent animals, like Spirit, by making a donation here.