Our dogs do so many amazing things for us every day that we might not even realize. Even something as small as happily welcoming us home from work can make a complete difference in our mood – studies even show that having a pet can improve our overall well-being. But there are other times when our dogs step in to help us in ways that are far above and beyond these little things.

For instance, a pack of dogs recently stood guard over a baby girl for hours after she was abandoned at Kolkata’s Hawrah station in India. The Indian Express reports that the six-month-old infant was left on a bench in the waiting area is one of the busiest station in Bengal. Heartbreakingly, hundreds of people walked past the crying baby but didn’t stop to help. But a pack of stray dogs did stop.


The baby was left with a half-filled bottle of milk, along with a bag of diapers and some other essentials laying beside her. Thankfully, the homeless dogs who are regulars at the station hovered over the tiny infant and made sure she was safe from harm. The dogs refused to go too far away from the baby to search for food, never leaving her alone.

When a station officer noticed the dogs, he saw that they were guarding a baby and immediately notified authorities. The baby was rushed immediately to the hospital and has since been handed over to members of Childline, a child protective services program. Authorities don’t believe this is a case of child-trafficking, but an intentional plan to abandon the innocent child.

What true dog heroes! This amazing story comes as no surprise since throughout history, dogs have been known to do extraordinary things for and with their human counterparts, including saving lives and alerting humans of danger. One dog even saved his guardian before an Italian earthquake toppled their home. And there was yet another heroic story of a dog who saved a baby after she had been buried alive.

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Lead image source: Colin Haycock/Flickr