When Shasta, a beautiful gray-and-white cat, appeared one day out of the blue on a family’s doorstep, everyone in the house knew things were about to change. The kitty was not subtle about her intentions at all – when she saw the door was open, she unabashedly followed the homeowners inside and did not wait long to make herself at home. But, as it soon turned out, this was just the beginning of a larger surprise that this sweet kitty had for the family.

The incredible story of this resolute cat was shared by Imgur user tinytinkingdom, Shasta’s new guardian. When she first saw the kitty on a hot summer day, she noticed Shasta was all alone and had no collar on, Love Meow reports. No one in the neighborhood claimed the cat and a visit to the vet showed she had not been microchipped.

It was soon clear that Shasta had simply picked her new family. They were so charmed by her, they couldn’t say no!

But this was not the end of the story – far from it. Shasta’s new carers began to notice that her belly was growing – in a way that was surely not just the result of finally eating well…

Another trip to the vet quickly revealed the truth behind, or rather inside, the kitty’s belly – she was pregnant with “probably three” babies!

Weeks later, the family welcomed the kittens – and not three, as had been predicted by the vet, but six of them!

Unfortunately, one of the babies did not survive, but the rest were in a great shape. Shasta became a perfectly devoted new mom and did not even want to take breaks from nursing, cleaning, and caring for her babies.

All of the “fluffs” were named by their mama’s carer. She shared on Imgur, “Momo (m) is the black one. Greebo (f) has white cheeks, Fred (m) and George (m) are the first two born and identical. Peony (f) is the smallest but loudest.”

The good news is all the kittens have homes already lined up. Except for one – because he is staying with Shasta and the family!


Shasta must have been looking for a safe place for her kittens when she decided to find her way into what is now her home. She trusted the family to be a good pick – and she was right. The kitty found people who fell in love with her, gave her a forever home, and took care of her kittens. Long story short, she adopted just the right family!

All image source: tinytinkingdom/Imgur