It’s always special to share a story featuring interspecies friendships because they always show there are no boundaries when it comes to love. Animals don’t pass judgment – whether furry or scaly – they all simply want to be loved and cared for. And this recent story from the Knoxville Police Department highlights just one of the interspecies friendships pulling at our heartstrings.

Recently, Animal Control Officer Nick Powell responded to a report of an animal stuck in a dumpster and he immediately set out to help. Once at the dumpster, though, he found a cat … and a raccoon!


The kitten and the raccoon were found cuddling in the corner to keep each other warm. So sweet! 

We are so glad they had each other! 

The Knoxville Police Department posted an update on their Facebook page stating that the kitten was transported to the Young Williams Animal Center and the baby raccoon was relocated and released. 




Even if it is unlikely, the kitten and the raccoon’s relationship highlights an important message: at the end of the day, we’re not all that different from one another and we could all benefit from being more compassionate.

Thanks to the kind person who reported the situation to the Knoxville Police Department, both of these animals are now out of harm’s way. Whenever possible in case of an animal rescue, remember to always consult a professional first. Make sure to keep these animal rescue hotlines handy. You could save a life!

Image source: Knoxville Police Department/Facebook