Little kids share a special bond with animals. Before they develop any preconceived notions about how people “should” interact with creatures of a different species, children know nothing but love for their furry animal friends. Let’s be honest, if there is an animal that is fuzzy and likes to give kisses – what little kid wouldn’t be obsessed?

The girl in this video is very lucky to not only have the experience of growing up with a pet dog … but also a pet cow! While most people might think of cows as “food” animals who are incapable of feeling love or emotions, like a cat or dog would, this notion is completely false. Seeing her cow friend out in the cold, this little girl lets the calf inside. Naturally, her mother is none-too-pleased and asks how the cow got inside. It doesn’t take long to figure out what really happened, but the amazing bond between the cow and child is just too cute to question. (In fact, the girl seems to be more enamored with the cow than the family dog!)

This child is a wonderful example of how we should treat all sentient animals as equals who deserve to be treated with love and respect. We could all stand to learn a thing or two about compassion from these two cuties!

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