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Interspecies animal friendships are super cute to watch in action. Some interspecies animal friends will play together, eat from the same bowl, or quietly nap together on a squishy bed.

We have seen cute photos and videos like kittens befriending dogs, a deer grooming a cat, and adorable dogs and babies talking to each other. Animals do not seem to discriminate against one another, though may want to have their own space at times. But what happens when an animal of one species has to rely on another type of animal for nurturing care?

In this video titled Cow Mothers Sheep (1947), watch as a cow acts as a foster mother to a sheep. Bet you haven’t seen this before! You can see that it’s a loving gesture from cow to sheep.

There is not much known about this footage except the copyright is for British Path and the video was unused, dates and location unknown albeit the video is labeled 1947.

Image source : Angela N. / Flikr