Sometimes it’s the little things in life that make us smile. Sometimes it’s videos of dogs being reunited with their companions, sometimes it’s cats being cats, and sometimes it’s a rescued possum enjoying a piece of pizza. There is little context to the video, which comes from NC Wildlife Rehab, except that this possum really enjoys pizza — and no one better try to take it away.

Many people see possums in a bad light, thinking of them as dirty and disgusting. But they’re far from it. In fact, possums are sweet and adorable. Possums are a common backyard animal but people often don’t know how to deal with them … and people who don’t know often are prone to react in the worst ways possible. Here are some ways to deal with any possums you might see. And if pizza isn’t your thing, here’s a video of baby possums eating watermelon.


This sweet possum is ready to protect its pizza from anything. Another reminder that animals aren’t so different from us after all. Next time you see a possum, just remember that they aren’t gross or scary and they don’t want to hurt us. Mostly, they just want to enjoy yummy treats like we do.