The Fry Family Food Company, commonly referred to as Fry’s, has been making plant-based meats and other treats since 1991 in Durban, South Africa. The founders were once livestock farmers who had a change of heart, which has brought them a healthy dose of good karma and financial success. And now the popular brand will be arriving in the U.S.!

Fry’s 100 percent plant-based and GMO-free foods are currently available in 8,000 retailers in 30 countries, with recent expansion to Sainsbury’s in the UK and Costco in Australia. A move to the U.S. just seems like the logical next step. Fry’s Exports Director Shaun Richardson explained: “Reflecting rapid demand growth in the United States and sustained interest from international markets, we’ve taken steps to significantly increase our production capacity … These additions make it possible for us to support international launches, building upon our recent 2018 introduction of our products to over 500 Sainsbury stores in the United Kingdom.”


Fry’s Marketing Director Tammy Fry expressed the company’s goals in entering the U.S. market: “We are extremely excited to be entering the largest market in the world for plant-based food … We want Americans to experience new culinary options and twists on hearty comfort foods — I think vegans and non-vegans alike will find our food delicious, and I want as many people as possible to try them.”

Fry’s is expected to reach the U.S. market by early 2019. Consumers can look forward to trying out seven of the brand’s popular items, including their Tempura Battered Prawn-Style Pieces, Chickpea and Quinoa Falafels, Gluten-Free Rice Protein and Chia Nuggets, Sausage Rolls, and Traditional Burgers.

We love seeing plant-based companies like Fry’s (especially family-owned and operated businesses like them) succeed and expand, and we look forward to trying their world-famous treats soon! To learn more about the brand, visit their website here.

Plant-based diets are not only delicious and nutritious and spare the lives of innocent animals, but they are also hugely beneficial for the environment — going plant-based for just one year can cut your carbon footprint in HALF! To learn more about the environmental impact of our food choices, be sure to check out the Eat for the Planet book!


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Image Source: frysfamily/Instagram