Let’s talk about cheese. When we’re trying to cut back on meat and dairy, we often find that one of the biggest challenges we face is not missing out on burgers (we have yummy veggie burgers to take care of that) and other meaty dishes — it’s the cheese. It’s tough to give up classic, cheesy dishes like lasagna, baked ziti, and pizza. Seriously, our love of cheese is great enough to rival Liz Lemon’s love affair with dairy — so trust us when we say that we understand how hard it is to let cheese go.

But, what if we said that cutting back on dairy doesn’t mean that you and cheese have to say your goodbyes? In recent years, vegan cheese has gotten better than ever. It’s no longer about those mozzarella-style shreds that kind of melt into a weird, oily mess — vegan cheese is now good enough to rival the real thing in all of its gooey, melty, stretchy glory. Oh, yeah. Do we have your attention yet?


One company that’s leading the vegan food revolution is Plant Based Foods. Founded in 2011 by Sweden native Suzanne Ericsson and her partner Robin Koenig, Plant Based Foods brings the highest-quality European vegan products to the U.S. For example, the first product they brought to the U.S., Cavi-art, a plant-based caviar made from seaweed, was developed by a Danish marine biologist just to ensure that it looked and tasted just like real caviar. Their next product, Tartex, a vegan pâté made in Germany, has been around since the 1940s — so you know it’s good. By now, you’re probably asking your computer screen, “but what about the cheese?” Get ready, because Plant Based Foods’ latest offering is a new, dairy-free vegan mozzarella cheese.

Plant Based Foods’ newest line, Mozzarisella, brings Italian vegan cheese to the U.S.



Mozzarisella is Plant Based Foods’ latest product line. This line of all-vegan cheeses is made by Frescolat, an Italian family company that has been making dairy cheese for three generations.  Mozzarisella was born when Alessandro, the vegan son in the family, sought to recreate the same high-quality taste and texture of real cheese (only without the dairy), using germinated whole brown rice. It took years of development to perfect the recipe, but hey — good things take time — and it paid off. As reported by the company representatives, sales of Mozzarisella are beating the company’s classic dairy cheeses.


Now, Mozzarisella will be coming to the U.S. with dairy-free, soy-free, and gluten-free flavors like classic, smoked, spreadable, blue, and cheddar. So, whether you’re hosting a fancy vegan cheese party or simply throwing together a pizza for you and the family, Mozzarisella has you covered for all your cheese-lovin’ needs.

But it gets better! They claim that their classic mozzarella-style cheese melts just like the real thing. So, there’s going to be a lot of pizza, calzones, lasagnas, and other cheesy Italian classics on our dinner tables in the foreseeable future.

Ready to try Mozzarisella? Well, you’re in luck! Plant Based Foods is offering a 10 percent discount for all One Green Planet readers, who make a purchase from their website using the discount code VEGAN10.

You can also find Mozzarisella in several brick-and-mortar shops across the U.S., such as Riverdel Cheese and Orchard Grocer in New York, Vegan Republic in California, Living Well in Maryland, Andy’s Market in Washington, Food Fight! Grocery in Oregon, and online at Vegan Essentials and Pangea Vegan Products.


All image source: Plant Based Foods