When dogs are abused, neglected, or exploited by industries such as dog breeding and dogfighting, they often don’t know how to be, well, dogs. Of course, dogs all have different personalities, likes, and dislikes; however, there are natural behaviors and a bunch of tendencies that are common in most dogs. When a dog is denied so many of their basic needs, they don’t get the chance to be themselves.

When Lexy was rescued from a backyard breeder, she was one of those dogs that didn’t “know how to ‘dog,'” as her rescuer puts it. She was confused by toys, dog beds, car rides, walks, and treats, which are now some of her favorite things!

While she was used for breeding puppies by a backyard breeder, Lexy had never even had the chance to go outside. Her belly almost touched the ground from overbreeding, and she had suffered a lot of physical and emotional pain. Fortunately, Lexy’s rescuer was ready to give Lexy the best life possible full of love, walks, time at the beach, attention, treats, and of course, toys!

Lexy never was interested in toys until she found Bruce – a little toy shark. Now she loves to cuddle with Bruce and bring him everywhere that she goes. They truly are BFFs, and we’re so happy that sweet Lexy found him. She deserves all the love in the world.

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