There are over 70 million homeless dogs and cats in the U.S. who are in need of a loving forever home. Sadly, however, due to the high volume of animals who need homes and limited space and resources in shelters, many of these animals are put down before they can ever find a forever home. Statistically speaking around six to eight million animals enter the shelter system every year and tragically, around half will never be saved from this cruel fate. While these numbers are troubling, what is more so is the fact that one in four animals brought into shelters are Pit Bulls. Due to the stereotypes assigned to these dogs, they are frequently deemed “unadoptable” by high-kill shelters and placed at the top of the euthanasia list; in fact, Pit Bulls have a euthanasia rate of 93 percent.

Libby, a stray Pit Bull who was brought into a high-kill shelter in Houston, Texas, was slotted to join this sad percentage. That is, until one kind woman intervened to save Libby from this untimely end.


With all these kind people backing her, Libby thrived in the training program and became a veritable rock star! Now Libby has landed her place on the Montgomery County Constable narcotics unit, joining the police force in the city where she was almost euthanized.


Libby’s success inspired Universal K9, the local police dog training group, to announce a new program and partnership with two animal rescue organizations that will adopt out shelter dogs to be trained as narcotic or explosive detecting police dogs.

This amazing story would have never been possible if not for one kind woman who decided to take a chance on a Pit Bull in need. A little compassion can go a long way!

All image source: Libby MCCO K-9/Facebook