Meet Rosie! She is so happy she can’t stop running all over the place. It wasn’t always like this, however, as Rosie’s journey to this state of pure joy didn’t come easily. After falling off a transport truck headed to a feeder farm, she was left fighting for her life. Rosie’s body was in shock, she was covered in asphalt burns, and completely unresponsive. On top of all that, she also suffered a shattered back leg … and that is what makes this adorable video so heartwarming!

Thanks to the compassionate and dedicated team at Blind Spot Animal Sanctuary and the incredible surgeons who worked on her, she is now running amuck! Rosie is finally in a place that most pigs only dream of, somewhere she can spend her days sniffing the fresh air, soaking in the sun, and blowing bubbles in mudholes. It’s a stark difference between the lives that millions of pigs experience every day on factory farms. Pigs on factory farms endure extreme abuse, neglect, and heartbreak day in and day out, but thanks to rescues like Blind Spot Animal Sanctuary, there is hope.


Blind Spot Animal Sanctuary works to rescue and rehabilitate abused, neglected, and surrendered farm animals, concentrating on those who are often overlooked due to species, disability or appearance. They are transforming lives one animal at a time, showing them kindness, respect, and love – a right all animals deserve. To donate to this life-saving rescue, click here.

It was a long road, but now that Rose is safe, happy, and loved, she isn’t slowing down anytime soon! To follow Rosie’s shenanigans, visit their Facebook page here.