In this video, Harriet the pig and Valentine the calf, both residents of Where Pigs Fly Sanctuary, are in the midst of some quality playtime. Harriet, described as a “barrel on legs,” by the sanctuary, just cannot catch up to Valentine the calf, who outpaces her even as she runs at top speed. No wonder she approaches him so casually with her two friends — this tricky pig must have been trying to get the jump on him!

Many people don’t realize it, but even farm animals each have their own individual personalities. Watching these two, the distinct wit and playfulness in both Harriet and Valentine is readily evident.


You can get to know the unique personalities of farm animals for yourself by volunteering at your local farm sanctuary! If you’re unable to volunteer, you can get to know the residents of Where Pigs Fly by watching the videos here or check out this other sweet video.