Many of us remember getting sick as children and feeling afraid. According to the description posted with this video from Farm Sanctuary, that’s exactly what happened to Julio, the white steer. Julio was sick and very nervous about his impending trip to the vet Fortunately for him, his gentle friend Belinda was there to provide comfort.

Like many animals, cows are emotional creatures who display joy and fear. They demonstrate compassion towards their fellow cows, with whom they form strong friendships and bonds. Knowing this, it’s no wonder why Belinda put forth so much effort to comfort Julio.


Despite their rich emotional lives, many cows are subject to both separation from their babies in the dairy industry and cruel slaughter at a young age in the beef industry. While it is unfortunate that poor Julio is sick, he’s one of the lucky few given the gift of life at a sanctuary. He and Belinda remind us that just like people, all animals want to be comforted and loved.