Hiking is a wonderful activity that gets you out of the house and into the wilderness. You see some pretty amazing views, exercise every part of your body, and if you live in the city, get out of the urban sprawl and reconnect with nature. While going on a hiking trip with friends is always a good time, here at One Green Planet, we personally think there is no better hiking companion than a dog!

Dogs don’t complain your ear off when you have to go up a steep hill. They always find the best walking sticks. And if you need to go through an area with thick foliage, you can always just plop them right into your backpack and maneuver your way through way faster than if you were with other humans. If you’ve ever explored nature with your dog, you know that one hiking trip can leave you and your dog with enough memories (and amazing photographs) for a lifetime. Speaking of which, here are a few pictures that demonstrate why dogs are the best hiking companions better than we ever could.


Dogs fit right in with your gear. And they never need much! Just a couple of treats, a water bowl, and a fleece in case it gets cold, and they’re good to go! 

There’s nothing better than sharing a spectacular view with your furry pal. This sure beats the park! 

They never hog the hammock. 

They’re not very picky about where you decide to stop for a rest. 

They stick with you … all the way to the top! 

They’re willing to get crafty when you forget their jacket at home. 


They only ask for piggyback rides when they reallllly need it. 

They know when it’s time to play and when it’s time to just soak in the beauty of nature. 

We think dogs may just consider us the best hiking companions too. Lucky us. 



If these photos don’t convince you that hiking with your dog is the best thing ever, we don’t know what will. Just remember, unless you’re taking a paved hike with guard rails in place to prevent falls, always keep your dog on a leash. Happy hiking!


All image source: Camping with Dogs/Instagram