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Luna the Weimaraner is living a wonderful life as a muse for her mom, Sabina Cvitkovic. The duo live in Croatia and are frequently out experiencing the beautiful wilderness of this eastern European country. On long morning walks through the forests and trips to the coast, Luna and her mom take advantage of the gorgeous photo opportunities. Luna’s mom posts all the pictures from their adventures to her Instagram, and the beauty is enough to convince anyone to make the move to Croatia!

The beauty of these images has made such an impact that Luna will be featured in this year’s Humane Society of the United States“Animals of Instagram” calendar! Luna, along with 129 other insta-animals are featured in this awesome fundraising calendar.

If you can’t get enough of Luna, though, you can follow her wonderful, wild adventures here.

No matter what the weather outside is like, Luna and her mom venture out for their daily walk.

“Walks are definitely my all-time favorite thing!”

The duo have traveled all over Croatia, enjoying the areas unharmed by human development.

“Time for today’s adventure!”

“That moment when you realize how just one beautiful morning walk can charge you with enough tranquility and patience for a whole day,” writes Cvitkovic.

“Happiness is in nature, beauty and tranquility,” says Cvitkovic.

“Is it ok to go swimming yet?”

Luna’s love of the outdoors and her joy of experiencing the wilderness comes through in every photo.

Luna knows a sunset is the perfect way to so goodbye to a great day and welcome a beautiful night.

 Luna’s mom says she loves to run and follow the scent of the woodland animals.

Every morning brings a new adventure for this pair, and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

All image source: Sabina Cvitkovic/Instagram