Hope for Paws‘ most dramatic and daring rescue video to date has finally been released, and we guarantee you’ll be holding your breath for this one. Loreta gave us a small look into the rescue on her Facebook page but watching the video really showed the dedication this amazing organization has for these helpless animals. The rescue took Eldad and Loreta to South Carolina to rescue a tiny kitten who had fallen an incredible 43 feet down a well pipe located in the basement of a house.

Several attempts to rescue the poor baby had already been made before the Hope for Paws team arrived. The homeowner even tried connecting branches together for the kitten to climb up, but that also ended in failure with the branches falling back into the drain. With the assistance of two kind workers from Freedom Plumbing, however, the resourceful team found a way to maneuver the weak kitten out of the drain.

The baby was immediately taken to the vet for medical attention and is now safe, happy, and healthy at a new forever home! None of this would have been possible without all the amazing people involved — this was truly a Hope for Paws Miracle!

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