Murphy the tiny kitten was found alone at just two-three days old as the sole survivor of his litter. His chances of survival were slim to none without the care and warmth of his mother and siblings, but thanks to a doting foster caretaker in central Oklahoma, Murphy has been on the road to recovery!

Murphy quickly took to his tiny bottle, guzzling down formula. His foster mom, named Rachael, shared on Instagram, “He gained an entire ounce in our first 24 hours together. He’s purry, snuggly and happy.”

Murphy loves to nest inside snuggly blankets.

He also gets treated to grooming sessions with a toothbrush — way too cute!

There was a time when it looked like Murphy may not live, but Rachael did not give up, providing him with around-the-clock care and nursing him back to health.

That face is just precious!

Murphy is growing up fast and becoming strong and healthy, and it certainly seems he is thrilled to be alive!


This story is a wonderful example of how valuable fostering is. Fostering abandoned animals not only saves innocent lives, but it enriches your life as well. To learn more about fostering and how you can get involved, check this out. And for advice on fostering kittens in particular, read this.

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All Image Source: thechronicfoster/Instagram