There aren’t many things more precious than a baby kitten. The problem, however, is that there are far too many kittens born under adverse circumstances. Take, for example, these recent rescue kittens posted to the Kitten Lady Facebook page. They were immediately abandoned after birth and were near death when they were found. Thankfully, they couldn’t have ended up in more capable hands.

Hannah Shaw (aka Kitten Lady) reports that when they arrived to rescue the babies, the kittens were still covered in afterbirth, frozen, stiff, and wet. At just four hours old, the kittens wouldn’t have made it without intervention. Hannah spent the night warming, cleaning, grooming, and comforting the newborns. Unfortunately, this is the type of situation she witnesses on a regular basis – the good news, however, is that it is completely preventable!

With about eight million cats entering shelters every year across the U.S., spaying and neutering is such a crucial step in tackling the stray cat population. This will make sure kittens are not born into homelessness and do not suffer unnecessarily. Another way to assist in curbing the numbers of homeless cats is by volunteering with local trap-neuter-release programs. As always, educating others and spreading awareness is always effective in helping animals.

Learn more about how you can help end pet homelessness by clicking here. To make a donation to the Kitten Lady and support the care of innocent kittens, click here.

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