When it comes to rescuing animals in need, the team at Hope For Paws always seems to know just what to do. Recently, these LA-based rescuers received a call about a cat in need of help. Although they usually care for homeless dogs, that didn’t stop them from jumping into action.

When the team arrived at the site, they found not just one cat but a mother with a litter of her little kittens – all of them hiding deep in a 60-foot drainpipe. Knowing they couldn’t do this without ample preparation, they decided to come back the next day with all the equipment they’d need.

The team returned the next day with an ingenious contraption – a remote control car outfitted with a flashlight and camera to help them get a better look! After a lot of work and patience, the Hope for Paws crew managed to get this sweet little family to safety.

Once free from the pipe, these kitties were immediately taken to a foster home and are now getting lots of loving care.

To learn more about Hope For Paws and their work for animals in need, click here. To inquire about adopting one of these little furballs, go to the Room 8 Cats website.