When a sweet German Shepherd mix arrived at the Wichita Animal Shelter, he was absolutely petrified. Each time shelter workers offered him treats, he backed into the corner of his cage as if he was scared for his life. Clearly, this poor boy had faced something truly terrible before arriving at the shelter.

The dog was lucky enough to be taken out of his bad living situation, but his story didn’t have a fairytale ending quite yet — the gentle boy needed someone to foster or adopt him soon, or else he was going to be euthanized by the city shelter.


Thankfully, a family from out of state heard that this pup was running out of time and placed a direct adoption hold to save his life. Then, they drove five hours each way to pick him up and take him to his forever home!

According to a Facebook post from Beauties and Beasts, the Wichita animal rescue organization that helped the sweet boy get adopted, the dog was shaking when his new family met him. In fact, he refused to step outside of his kennel, so his new dad had to pick him up and carry him all the way to the car.

But once he got settled in and the car started moving, the transformation was unbelievable — he went from quivering all over and staring at the ground to smiling and excitedly gazing out the window!

The family reportedly said that he became a “completely different doggie” after leaving the shelter. He has opened up to his new family, he adores car rides, and he especially loves cuddling with his stuffed animals. He truly did get the happy ending he deserved, and we’re so thankful to everyone who helped give this pup a second chance!


But we can’t forget: There are countless other dogs like this boy who arrive at shelters traumatized and full of fear, and they desperately need help finding loving homes where they can transform into happy, healthy pups. If you have the means to do so, we encourage you to apply to adopt or foster a dog in need through Beauties and Beasts or donate to this amazing animal rescue group. If everyone helps out, we can ensure that no innocent dog or cat is needlessly put to sleep!

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All Image Source: Beauties and Beasts/Facebook