Rescued animals around Carroll County, Mississippi are going to have a brand new, state-of-the-art sanctuary to call home. The organization In Defense of Animals (IDA) is unveiling its redesigned Hope Animal Sanctuary, a shelter dedicated to housing animals that have fallen victim to abuse and need help to get back on their paws. The innovative complex will have its grand opening on May 12, 2018.

As IDA shares, animals in the Deep South are regularly subjected to animal cruelty, which tragically includes anything from abandonment and neglect to poisoning and injuring to beating and shooting.


“It is hard to exaggerate the impact of opening this cutting-edge sanctuary in the Deep South — it makes a huge statement about the worth of animals,” said Fleur Dawes of IDA. “It shows that all animals deserve our devoted care and respect. It provides hope.”

To create a place that would be much more than a sterile animal facility, the organization has reimagined the traditional concept of a shelter. Hope Animal Sanctuary is made up of the main operations center and a community of 20 “tiny houses,” each of them complete with its own garden and ready to accommodate groups of rescued dogs.  In the houses, the animals will be able to enjoy life in a comfortable home-like environment – so different from the usual shelter enclosures.

Over 100 guests are expected to join the opening ceremony of the newly-finished complex. During the event, IDA’s President Dr. Kroplick will cut the ribbon and reveal the new operations center that houses a “calming cattery” and veterinary rooms. The center will also serve as a welcome and education site for visitors.

Hope Animal Sanctuary/Facebook

The opening will also feature a vegan buffet, a tour of the facility, and a chance for the visitors to meet the residents.


Over 25 years, Hope Animal Sanctuary has rescued and rehabilitated thousands of animals – now, the team will be able to continue this priceless work in conditions that are comfortable and friendly for the animals who deserve them so much.

To learn more about Hope Animal Sanctuary, click here.

Lead image source: Hope Animal Sanctuary/Facebook