Here at One Green Planet, we absolutely know the many benefits of a vegan diet. I mean, you can truly have the best of all worlds: nutrient-rich foods that are also delicious – no meat, eggs, or dairy products needed, ever! Vegan eating also often saves money, and it most definitely saves animals and the environment on countless levels.

Now, here’s yet another reason to go veg: a recent study published this month in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition notes that those on a vegan diet had the healthiest body weights and cholesterol levels of all 1,694 participants. Another related project found that vegans and vegetarians had a 32 percent lower risk of hospitalization or death from heart disease or related complications.


No matter where you’re at on your veggie journey, we’re here to help: check out the all the delicious vegan recipes we have on One Green Planet that can help you to keep your cholesterol and body weight at healthy levels – just some of the major benefits you’ll find along the plant-based path!

Image source: Max Braun/Flickr