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5 Must-Watch Videos About the Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet

There’s a multitude of benefits that go hand in hand with a plant-based diet. The simple, universal medium of video is a great way to convey these benefits, but the trick is finding the right ones. These videos do just the thing, and feature passionate plant-based believers that are sure to convince you that plant-based diets are beneficial to your health and overall wellness!

1. Leaning into your life: Kathy Freston

From chicken fried steak eating Georgia girl to health food nut, Kathy Freston knows nutrition like the back of her hand. She went from feeling depressed and yoyo dieting in her own acne covered skin to feeling vivaciously beautiful, all because of her plant-based diet. Unintentionally, Freston also found out the healthfulness of a vegan diet from peer-reviewed studies and scientific truths which eliminated her skepticism of the diet. Together, her ethical reasoning for “leaning into” a plant-centric diet merged with the inherent health benefits of it to create her current health.

2. Plant-Based Nutrition: Julieanna Hever

Registered dietician Julieanna Hever claims that the magic elixir to saving your health and the world is a whole food, plant-based diet. She shows the interconnectedness of nature and the body, the constant state of dynamism and flux in the world. People who abide by this diet have improved athletic performance and thriving health. Their cholesterol is reduced and their foodborne illnesses are gone, along with some unnecessary weight. For her, eating three plant-based meals a day is proactive, helping to save your body and the planet.

3. Plant-strong and Healthy Living: Rip Esselstyn

Slay the dragon! Rip Esselstyn, former firefighter, may not be a nutritionist, but he is right when it comes to healthy eating. He explains how he challenged his firehouse to eat just plants for 28 days, and the amazing benefits that came with it. They became plant strong and slayed the five headed chronic Western American disease dragon to reclaim their health!

4. Find your athletic edge: Brendan Brazier

Good nutrition speeds up your recovery rate, increasing your athletic ability. But what kind of nutrition? Nutrition centered on plants, of course! Brendan Brazier’s plant-based dietary system has bettered his own abilities as a runner and triathlete, proving that plants sustain humans. If you don’t follow a plant-based diet, your body is stressed by what you’re putting in it: poor nutrition accounts for 40% of your total stress if you are a Western American. Plants, on the other hand, don’t stress your body. Consuming nutrient rich foods fuels you right, filling you up, toning your body, and making you thrive.

5. A vegan bodybuilding experiment: Joshua Knox

When Joshua Knox used to think of a meal, the first thing to come to mind was meat, but now, animal products of any kind never cross his mind. His friend, Brian, challenged him to go vegan for only a week, but those 7 days extended into 30 days and then into almost 2 years. As a bodybuilder, Knox worried about getting scrawny and weak, but he found that a plant-based diet allowed him to increase his endurance and strength by more than 15 percent. His cholesterol dropped 76 points and he lost 30 pounds in six weeks. He was inspired by changing his diet for the better and you can too!

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