Although there is no doubt that people love cats, there is still a huge problem with pet homelessness in the U.S. It is estimated that there are around 70 million stray cats and dogs living on the streets in the country, many of which were abandoned by previous caretakers. Only a small fraction of these animals ever find their way into the shelter system … let alone find a forever home.

Little Sheldon, the kitten, was abandoned by his guardians when he was only a few months old. Luckily, Sheldon was left in an animal shelter, but he suffers from a condition called feline herpes that caused his to have chronic pink eye. His prior caretakers never treated this condition and sadly, poor Sheldon eventually lost an eye.


Although this wasn’t the best start to life, things all turned around when a kind Imgur user met him.

Animal shelters can be scary places, especially for puppies and kittens alone for the first time. Poor Sheldon was there for a month before his forever family found him.

Sheldon was scared to death when they first brought him home, so he found a good place to hide. Putting food near an animal’s hiding place is a good way to help them feel comfortable.

Soon, he began to relax and interact with the family.

One of Sheldon’s favorite things to do is to hang out by the rat cage and watch them. They actually enjoy supervised playtime together.

It turns out, this little fella is a real ham!

Although some people may see an animal missing an eye as flawed, it hasn’t stopped Sheldon from being the best, most cuddly kitty that he can be.

Sheldon’s story is just one of many amazing examples of how adoption can change the entire world for an animal in need. By opening our hearts and homes to a rescued animal, we can all have a similar impact – trust us, they’ll repay you in all the kisses and cuddles you could ever wish for!

All image source: Imgur