The plant-based movement has become so far-reaching that even meat-centric restaurants like fast food chains and steakhouses have added vegan options to their menus. And now New York City smokehouse and bar, Ducks Eatery, has created a glorious smoked watermelon “ham,” and our minds are officially blown.

The “ham” takes four to six days to make, costs $75, and can serve three to five people.


The fruit is brined in oregano, coriander, salt, and oakwood ash for a few days, which creates a skin-like crust after being dried and smoked for half a day.

Finally, the watermelon is basted in its own juices, olive oil, and rosemary before being served. Wow. 

Ducks Eatery also serves up a smoked cantaloupe burger for those who want a different type of smoked melon experience.

To see the creation of the watermelon “ham” in action, watch the video below:




William Horowitz, chef and owner of Ducks Eatery, told INSIDER that they wanted to add more vegan and vegetarian options to their menu. He stated, We simply do the same thing we’ve been doing for thousands of years to meats but we do it to a melon.” He went on to explain the flavor and texture as “smoky, savory, salty, hot, and juicy, but it’s still a watermelon.”

To get one of these delectable smoked “hams,” give Ducks Eatery a head’s up at least one week in advance. The cantaloupe burger, on the other hand, is regularly available on the menu.

Ducks Eatery adding plant-based options to their menu is very wise for business, as a study showed that restaurants that switched to plant-based menus saw an increase in sales of up to 1,000 percent! More Americans than ever are choosing meat-free options when dining out, with 43 million regularly skipping meat at restaurants, and 86 percent of these people do not even identify as vegan or vegetarian! Additionally, nearly half of millennials surveyed regularly ditch meat for environmental concerns, and this ultra-gourmet smoked watermelon “ham” certainly seems intriguing and futuristic enough to catch the attention of the innovative, forward-thinking generation.

To learn more about Ducks Eatery and pre-order one of these beautiful watermelon “hams,” visit their website here.


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All Image Source: duckseatery/Instagram