After years of fighting, there is finally some progress in the fight for Nosey the elephant’s freedom!

Since 1988, Nosey has been beaten, chained, and denied of veterinary care, forced to perform shows and give people rides. Experts say poor Nosey is suffering from arthritis and lameness, related to her captivity. In addition, she heartbreakingly hasn’t made contact with another elephant. To make matters worse, according to animal rights organization, PETA, Nosey’s captor, Hugo Liebel has been cited nearly 200 times for animal welfare violations by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

But now, Nosey will soon be moved to the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, the largest elephant sanctuary in the U.S., after the Lawrence County District Court in Alabama issued a seizure order on Nosey’s behalf!

Nosey will be taken to the sanctuary pending a later trial in Alabama. Multiple concerned citizens called Lawerence County, concerned about Nosey’s care, such as her feed and travel arrangements. Kimberly Carpenter, an animal control officer noted that the Nosey’s trailer was not adequate for the senior elephant’s needs. We are thrilled Nosey will finally be able to relax and recuperate at the Elephant Sanctuary!

Elephants are intelligent and highly social animals. They can use tools, cooperate to solve problems and they can even communicate in a language of over 70 distinct sounds. In nature, elephants spend their entire lives with their families, sometimes in herds of up to 100 elephants. Despite the social nature of elephants, they are often held in captivity in zoos and the entertainment industry in complete isolation, all for the sake of entertainment. Even worse is that many of these elephants were captured as very young calves, stolen from their families, and then locked up in cages for the rest of their lives.

Thankfully, we all have the opportunity to help captive elephants with our actions. By simply refusing to attend any attraction featuring an elephant, you can help lower the demand for their display and help make elephant entertainment a thing of the past!

Image Source: PETA