New Fashion Site Launching For Conscious Consumers

Fashionistas and conscious consumers of the world rejoice! A new ethically-conscious fashion site called Zady is set to launch next week on Tuesday, August 27th.

Founders Soraya Darabi (creator of Foodspotting) and Maxine Bédat (founder of The Bootstrap Project) are taking a stand against “fast fashion”—the mass production of lower quality clothes and accessories in foreign countries—with their new site. According to Styleite, the website will start by carrying 35 labels from brands and designers like Steven Alan, Imogene + Willie denim, Gloverall, Scosha, Tracey Tanner, Kika, and Shinola, and has plans to expand in the future.


While Zady’s prices won’t be nearly as high as luxury brands, they won’t be cheap either. Rather, the clothes sold will be a part of the “middle market,” an area that has long been dormant and, according to Darabi, once focused on “really beautifully made but accessibly priced products.”

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair Daily Darabi said, “We want to be accessible. [Zady] is not going to be the cheapest in terms of price point, but hopefully, in terms of price per wear, we’ll have the best bang for your buck.”

Darabi and Bédat personally select Zady’s brands and designers based on a rigorous interview process. They are looking for companies that are willing to be transparent about their manufacturing practices. Once a brand is selected, they ask the company to sign a certificate which identifies the products to be sold, where the brand is located and where its products were designed and manufactured. Darabi and Bédat then do a second interview where they focus on how the brand got the raw materials for their products. When a brand is officially chosen, the company must sign a contract to uphold their high standards of production.

Moreover, shoppers will be able to benefit from such transparency thanks to user-friendly icons that will be placed next to each product. These will tell shoppers if the product is “locally sourced (to qualify if an items’ raw materials come from within 100 miles of where it’s made), handmade, made in the U.S., made from high-quality raw materials, environmentally conscious (e.g. made with vegetable dyes) and whether it’s affiliated with the Bootstrap Project,” reports the Wall Street Journal.


Right now, Zady has its pre-launch site up. If you visit it today and sign up for their mailing list, you’ll receive early access to the site. Also, if you recruit friends you can win various awards from 10% off to $50 credit towards your first purchase.

This site might just spark a new era of fashion, or even an industry revamp—where consumers have easy access to clothes they can feel good about and to clothing manufacturers.