Cats indeed are a mysterious breed of animal, their unique personalities and stealthy ways are enough to puzzle any mere-human. While I would love to get some insight into the inner workings of the minds of some of my feline friends, a new report from the BUAV shows that an inordinate amount of UK universities have gone too far in trying to figure out how cats “work.”

According to the BUAV’s report, over the course of five years over 855 cats were used in a series of 1,304 experiments all for the purpose of identifying the many ways that cats differ from humans. While I like to believe I have “cat-like” hearing, I don’t think that I needed the “scientific” proof that I am not a cat.

Cat used for experiments were subjected to cruel and unusual tests, some of which involved sewing kittens eyes shut, implanting electrodes into cat’s brains via invasive skull surgery, as well as infecting cats with deadly diseases – none of which involved pain relief or treatment.

The use of animals for testing is inhumane and wildly unnecessary. Not only has animal testing proven ineffective, but also even harmful to humans who react differently to drugs, cosmetics, etc. than their animal counterparts.

While the report does not detail the express purpose for each individual test carried out on these cats, I can’t believe it would be far off to say that the pain and suffering experienced by these 855 cats was worth any “scientific” revelation these experiments (most likely did not) discover.

You can help save other cats and dogs from being forced to undergo cruel tests in the name of “scientific research” by signing this petition.

Image source: Erin Silversmith/Wikimedia Commons