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Kellogg-owned Morningstar Farms has received quite a bit of feedback from consumers regarding their lack of vegan options. Though they carry many meat-alternative products like sausage, bacon, burgers, and nuggets, consumers have been disappointed to turn over the box and find ingredients like eggs and dairy. Like all wise businesses though, Morningstar Farms listened to consumer demand and released new vegan burger patties and switched three of their vegetarian “chik’n” products to vegan earlier this year, and now they are making plant-based shoppers rejoice yet again with their release of even more new vegan “chik’n” products!

Morningstar Buffalo Wings, Chik’n Nuggets, and Buffalo Chik Patties went from vegetarian to vegan already this year, but now Morningstar has introduced new vegan BBQ Chik’n Nuggets and made their Original Chik Patties vegan, too. They are made with non-GMO soy and natural flavors and colors.

Melissa Cash, senior director of brand marketing at the Kellogg Company, said the changes are a result of adjusting to consumer demands. She stated: “We know there is a great demand for more variety when it comes to vegan options, so we are excited to announce that our great-tasting Chik’N products are now vegan.”

She added, “With more people embracing a plant-based diet and lifestyle, MorningStar Farms is committed to making food for all to enjoy.”

The new vegan products are now available across the U.S. To find your nearest retailer and learn more about Morningstar Farms and their products, visit their website here.

We are thrilled to see more and more plant-based products filling up supermarket shelves, and when companies as big as Morningstar Farms (which provides Burger King’s veggie burgers) create vegan food items, there is great potential to influence an expansive population and spread the notion that plant-based eating is convenient, nutritious, and delicious. Thanks, Morningstar, for listening to what consumers want and providing plant-based foods!

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Image Source: Morningstar Farms