Meet the artist making breathtaking animal sculptures out of trash!

Stephanie Hongo embraced the art of turning trash into treasure when she was unable to afford art supplies, after quitting her artist-in-residence position at Trader Joe’s. She has created over 100 pieces of trash art under the name SugarFox

Hongo is constantly looking for other places to get the types of trash she can use, often seeking out friends and family, or looking for specific pieces on Facebook groups.

She was inspired by Portuguese artist Bordalo II, who creates large-scale sculptures out of trash.

Though she does not refer to herself as an eco-artist, Hongo never buys plastic for her art. Instead, she relies on getting unwanted forms of plastic from others to reuse it.

Hongo said, “I won’t ever purchase plastic, I don’t like the idea of buying anything outside the paint and the hardware that I need. I do ask for plastic tubing or old basketballs on community pages on Facebook.

Her artwork is mainly based around animals and often takes on a sci-fi appearance after being spray painted. She wants to eventually sculpt a winged dragon measuring 10 feet.

The price often starts at  $300 and goes up to $5,000, depending on the size of the piece. 

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