Meerkats are naturally curious animals. It is this characteristic that helps these small critters find prey hiding in the sand. Their innate curiosity has also lead them to discover the fact that cameramen can, and should, be used as look-out posts. Wait … what?

Yes, you read that correctly. Scientists have observed the Meerkat for years, and these curious animals have become rather accustomed to having cameramen and other humans with funny equipment running around their habitat. As this video from the BBC’s Planet Earth Live explains, “the Meerkats just see cameramen as part of the landscape.”

Meerkat Uses Cameraman's Head as Look-Out Post

Yup, this Meerkat does not see an intimidating human encroaching on his territory, he sees a lovely perch that is just the right height for him to scan the area for incoming predators.

We’ve seen Meerkats interact in this way with cameramen before, and we really never get sick of seeing how aloof these animals appear to be. Luckily, the people who have come to study the Meerkat have no intention of harming these curious creatures, which is potentially why Meerkats have no reason to be hesitant around cameramen. It’s certainly refreshing to see a happy interaction between humans and wildlife – not to mention the fact that these Meerkats are crazy hilarious.