A journalist joins his two friends for a 280-mile trip through Ukraine to rescue a bear that had been all alone stuck inside a small cage. It turns out that this bear’s sanctuary had been impacted by the war.

Masha spent the majority of her life as a circus animal, touring and performing for audiences. It’s sad to think about Masha’s difficult past in the circus. Wild animals do not belong in circuses. Cruel circus practices include beatings, harsh training methods, and performance requirements. These animals spend their lives in small cages. Due to these harsh conditions, these animals suffer shorter lifespans and mental disabilities. However, before the war, she had been transferred to a sanctuary where she could live out the rest of her life in freedom.

Source: the dodo/Youtube

After a long journey, Masha was finally returned to the sanctuary where she belongs, all thanks to these three kind men who decided to travel hundreds of miles to her rescue.

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Amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, it’s been reported that more than one million people have now fled, many with their beloved pets in their arms. The unpredictability of the devastating war has forced many Ukrainians to make tough choices about what to take with them. Many don’t know when and if they will be able to return home. There have been many donations of money and food to these shelters, and animal shelters and zoos are slowly making their way to borders to seek safety, but situations aren’t easy.

What can you do to help? Many organizations are helping Ukraine and the families affected by this unjust invasion. Here are 10 Ways to Help People and Animals in Ukraine.

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