Children do some pretty incredible things. Before they’re bogged down by the problems that come along with adulthood and before they start feeling like the problems of the planet will never be solved, they look at the world around them and feel like they can make a difference. And they can! Here at One Green Planet, we’ve heard some pretty inspiring stories over the years. We’ve seen a little girl transform waste into something useful, a little boy decide that helping animals was more important than his birthday presents, and then there’s Emma, a seven-year-old who has made rescuing kittens a full-time job of sorts!

Emma’s mom, Kristine, has been saving kittens for a long time now, and when Emma came along, she recruited her onto the team! And we’ve gotta say, at just seven years old, she’s already doing an amazing job.


Together with her mom, Emma has already helped save seventeen kittens

Despite the fact that Emma has school, plays soccer, and has chores to do at home, she makes time for her furry friends. 

While the group does spend a lot of time playing together, they also enjoy taking some time to relax…

It’s easy to see that Emma truly loves these kitties.

And from the looks of it, they love her a lot too. 

Emma loves being a kitten caretaker so much, her dream is to one day work at an animal shelter! 

Emma is a great example of the amazing things that can be accomplished when one sets their mind to it. At just seven years old, an age when kids are understandably distracted with friends, sports, and school, Emma has decided to take a little time out of her schedule to show compassion for other living creatures. Not only is she learning the power of empathy and enriching her own life, she is bettering the life of these kittens and being a great role model for all children (and adults for that matter) who stumble upon her inspiring story. Props to you, Emma!

All Images Source: Humane Society Silicon Valley/Blogspot