They say there are no lengths that a mother won’t go to to help her children, and the story of Flame the courageous cat proves this. Flame was found covered with burns by members from the organization Alley Cats and Kittens. They discovered that a fire had broken out on a nearby farm two weeks ago and from the looks of Flame, she had likely sustained burns trying to rescue her babies who she had been nursing in the farmhouse’s shelter.  Unfortunately, Flame’s babies were nowhere to be found.

Alley Cats and Kittens volunteers urged community members to keep an eye out for Flame’s kittens; however, it is most likely that they did not survive.  This brave creature was in intensive care for two weeks at Rufford vets and the compassionate veterinarian even took Flame home for a time to show her some love and to help her cope with such trauma.

The kind people of Rufford vets treated this cat with respect, naming her Flame to demonstrate how this experience strengthened her.

Flame is healing nicely; her fur is growing back and her skin shows no indication of infection.

This is the vet that was kind enough to take Flame home after the cat spent an intense 18 days undergoing treatment.

These fantastic humans treated Flame not only as an individual but a hero as well. 

Her wounds were wrapped so she couldn’t aggravate or lick them, to prevent infection.

Flame was given baths daily and cream applied to ensure healing.

This cat’s strength is truly encouraging, that after all this trauma she still has the strength to heal.

Though this situation is extremely unfortunate and saddening, Flame can still be considered lucky.


The vet team has set up a GoFundMe page to help cover the costs of Flame’s recovery. From their updates, it looks like Flame has a good chance at a full recovery and we certainly hope once she’s healed she will get adopted into a loving home!

To help Flame on her road to recovery, please consider donating to help pay for her medical fees.

All image source: Asifyoudid/Imgur