An undercover investigation released by PETA a few months ago showed the horrific practices taking place on an angora fur farm. Many large clothing corporations decided to discontinue the use of angora in their products, or review where their fur was coming from, in response to the footage.

The first to address the investigation was H&M, who said they would halt production of products containing angora until they were sure their production policies were being followed. Next, Espirit and New Look released statements outlining their halt of angora products in response to the investigation.


In all above instances, this investigation was able to make large corporations pay attention, and demonstrate that animal issues matter. Thankfully, the issue and investigation are still making an impact.

Now, PETA (and everyone else!) can celebrate two additions to the list of companies who are doing the right thing.

As PETA writes in a blog post, “More good news on our angora campaign: Retail giant Lands’ End and television home-shopping company QVC, Inc., have made the kind decision to stop stocking angora wool products.”

According to the Huffington Post, Lands’ End spokesperson Michele Casper said, “We take the treatment of animals very seriously at Lands’ End…We have made the decision that we will not be sourcing or developing any new merchandise at Lands’ End that includes Angora.”


This is great news as Lands’ End has taken their pledge further than just discontinuing current angora products, or finding a new fur farm — they have completely phased out the use of this inhumane product. As of now, QVC has not elaborated on their stance.

Great work to those at PETA for continuing to make this campaign have an impact, and for everyone out there who always chooses to shop humanely!