Vincent the cat is a very lucky fellow. He was born with an unusual birth defect that left him without hind legs, but luckily, he was brought to the Stony County Animal Shelter in Iowa when he was only one-month-old. In most cases, people are unwilling to adopt animals with disabilities, and tragically, they are left in shelters or put down. However, in Vincent’s case,  shelter worker Cindy Jones took a special interest in this determined little guy and was able to find a way to offer him the chance of a lifetime.

At Iowa State University’s veterinary hospital, Vincent underwent a state of the art procedure under the direction of Dr. Mary Bergh, that would allow him to have BioMedtrix prosthetic limbs grafted onto his own incomplete femurs.

A few weeks later, this little guy is doing better than ever before, curiously exploring his surroundings, unassisted for the first time! If all goes well, they will be able to lengthen his legs as he grows, blazing trails for many other animals who might benefit from this bold, restorative procedure. This inspiring story is another great example of how love can save lives.