Cassidy the kitten was born into life on the streets in Langley, British Columbia. The life of a homeless cat is already extremely difficult, but Cassidy’s case was made even worse by the fact that he was born with just two front legs.

In spite of his  disability, Cassidy managed to survive eight weeks in the great outdoors; however, he was starving, dehydrated, and crawling with tics and fleas when he was finally rescued, along with his brother Topper, by Tinykittens.

The good new is that Cassidy and Topper are both back on their feet thanks to Mountain View Veterinary Hospital in Vancouver. And things are starting to look up even further for Cassidy as  Handicapped Pets Canada has created their “smallest cat wheelchair ever,” for the tiny cat.

In this video, Cassidy takes his new set of wheels out for a spin and it looks like the little guy is a natural! With the addition of “Eye of the Tiger,” playing the background we seriously wanted to start a slow clap watching him go (okay, maybe we did…). It is so wonderful to see how with a little creativity, people can greatly improve the lives of animals in need! Keep on rollin’, Cassidy!

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