If you’re in the mood to have your heartstrings pulled by a beautiful rescue and rehabilitation story, then look no further than the tale of Cassidy! This sweet two-legged kitten was found “scrambling around on his front legs” on a rural property in Langley, British Columbia, Canada. He and his brother Topper were rescued by the owner of the land who was shocked to observe that Cassidy had only two legs. With this in mind, he put in many hours of effort to catch the kittens and bring them to the Tinykittens rescue center.

Tinykittens is a volunteer-run organization which seeks to help felines in need, and when they heard of Cassidy and Topper’s plight, they were determined to do whatever they could to help. The rescue team said, “At eight weeks old Cassidy was unable to find enough food on his own and had been slowly starving to death…To have survived without his back feet for eight weeks is a testament to what a little miracle Cassidy is.” They added that Cassidy’s brother Topper “is very protective” of him, and “as the only two surviving kittens from their litter they clearly have a strong bond. Both boys were crawling with fleas when they arrived but have been treated and dewormed.”


Tinykittens staff brought Cassidy to Mountain View Veterinary Hospital in Vancouver to attend to his medical needs. They also contacted Handicapped Pets Canada to make a small wheelchair for the tiny kitten. According to Cassidy’s caretakers, Handicapped Pets Canada produced the smallest wheelchair they’ve ever made “so Cassidy wouldn’t have to wait to feel the wind in his glorious fluff!” They hope to fit Cassidy with prosthetic legs as soon as he is old enough to handle them, or alternatively, allow him to figure out the art of balancing himself on his two front legs alone, as many other two-legged animals have managed to do. Until then, they plan to continue letting him use his wheelchair, with the possibility of sourcing bigger ones as he grows older.

Incidentally … if you want to check out a super-cute video of Cassidy running in his wheelchair, click here!

Topper and Cassidy are inseparable.

Already showing an appetite for playfulness and mischief, it seems that Cassidy has developed a habit of “sometimes (pulling) the bandages off his rear legs.”

Needless to say, this adorable boy has captured the hearts of everyone around him.

His incredible story and indomitable fighting spirit have truly inspired all who are lucky enough to care for him on a day-to-day basis.

Seriously … could that little face BE any cuter?!

Cassidy certainly hasn’t allowed the loss of his two back legs to impede his explorations!

His carers have made this touching tribute to Cassidy in a bid to help him find his forever home.


You can follow Cassidy and Topper’s progress by checking out Tinykittens’ live video stream of their antics – it is sure to put a smile on your face! The stream has already acquired a massive following, with many kind-hearted viewers offering to donate money and medical supplies toward the cost of the kittens’ ongoing care. You can donate by clicking here, or check out other ways to help here.


Shelly Roche – one of the Tinykittens volunteers who has fallen head over heels in love with Cassidy – summed up his situation by saying, “He’s going to get the best home ever. He had such a dreadful start in life, and I promised him that first day (I saw him) he would only know love, happiness, and a full belly from then on.” Good luck with your new life, beautiful boy!

Lead and in-text image source: TinyKittens/Facebook