Tumbelina isn’t going to let something like not being able to walk slow her down. She has too much energy and is too excited for life to sit back and give up. Luckily for this vibrant and adorable little kitten, some caring people at Valley Cats Inc. rescue stepped up to help her.

Tumbelina was at risk of being euthanized at a shelter because she suffers from cerebellar hypoplasia, an unusual condition that makes it impossible for her to walk on her own. Her rescuers compare her to Steven Hawkings; a brilliant mind trapped in a body that can’t keep up.

But things are about to change for this little cat, she is getting outfitted for her very own wheelchair. The four-wheel buggy will allow her to propel herself forward without the help and support of her caregivers.

The next step for this adorable little kitten is to find a home! Tumbelina is currently looking for her forever home through Valley Cats Inc. and Petopia Animal Rescue. To learn more about Tumbelina and her adoption process, visit the Valley Cats Inc. website here.

Good luck Tumbelina! We hope you find an amazing home.