Budd the cat was born with a neurological condition called Cerebellar Hypoplasia that made it difficult for him to stand or walk. Luckily, Budd was brought to the Cat Depot as a kitten and they were prepared to help Budd learn how to navigate the world with his condition.

Not being able to stand poses many challenges for a small, curious cat. Everyday activities, like eating from a food dish or learning to use a litter box were incredibly difficult for Budd. But, despite the many hardships he faced, this little cat refused to believe that he was any different than another cat. With the help of the patient and kind staff at Cat Depot, Budd was fitted with a wheel cart and began to strengthen his leg muscles.

Over time, Budd was taken in by an amazing foster family who helped teach him how to live in a home. Seeing the resilience of this determined cat is so heartwarming and inspiring. It is no wonder that his foster family decided to adopt Budd forever! His story is one that shows us that no animal should ever be underestimated and that with our help and support incredible things are possible.