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As Green Monsters, there is nothing more that we love to do than lend a hand to animals in need. Whether it’s something as simple as helping a lost dog find their way home or going the extra mile and doing something to aid an animal in serious peril, every act of compassion for a member of another species is an admirable one.

While we never expect anything in return for our actions, sometimes one small act of kindness turns into a lifetime of rewards. Just take a look at this story from Imgur user Whowhatwhen2.

Whowhatwhen2 came across a tiny kitten who was stuck in a bunch of netting underneath a cluster of hedges. The kitten couldn’t have been more than 12 hours old when she was discovered, but she was all alone and covered with flies and larva already. Seeing that the small cat’s tail was swollen and turning blue from being trapped in the fencing, Whowhatwhen2 cut her free and took her inside for a bath.

Knowing this little one wouldn’t survive without around the clock care, they decided to keep her and set about learning how to use a syringe for feedings. 

They named her Jules and in no time at all this little kitten became part of the family.

Jules grew stronger every day and finally mustered enough strength to Support her own weight on her tiny legs. 

With a new found confidence, Jules’ personality started to show. WhoWhatWhen2 writes, “She’s an incredibly feisty cat by nature. She will literally tear your arm up, all in good fun. We think?”

She was also very curious and liked to nibble on everything in sight … even the couch.

Soon she also learned how to use her powers of cuteness – seriously, just look at that face!

In t-minus three seconds, Jules can go from a sweet, demure cat…

…to a playful little bugger…

…to an all out monster!

But she always comes back to being cute and sweet again.

In what seemed like a blink of an eye, little Jules grew into a confident adult cat. Her fur darkened and her eyes transitioned to a deep yellow. “I’m glad we saved her,” Whowhenwhat2 writes on Imgur. 

We are too!

All image source: Whowhatwhen2/Imgur